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Rap artist Wyclef Jean in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014.

The Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte in the Royal Castle in Stockholm, Sweden. (2008)

Swedish artist Robyn, in Stockholm, Sweden 2011.

Circus worker Ion Sarbu from Rumania sets up the circus tent. Vallingby, Sweden 2012.

Tim Dillenbeck has dedicated his life to bring hapiness to children. His homemade soapbubble machine has brought joy to thousands of children visiting Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, USA. "Boredom is our greatest enemy" is his motto, and that is also written on a sign on his homemade soapbubble machine. (2006)

The Swedish dance group Bounce in Stockholm, Sweden. (2009)

Swedish tennisplayer Robin Soderling, in Stockholm, Sweden 2010.

Swedish artist Lena Cronqvist in Koster, Sweden. (2010)

American author Dennis Lehane in Stockholm, Sweden. (2010)

Lawyer Leif Silbersky, in Stockholm, Sweden, 2009.

Author Liza Marklund, in Stockholm, Sweden. (2010)

Swedish actor Jonas Karlsson in Stockholm, Sweden. (2009)

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